I am thankful for the encouragement and wise counsel Bill offered me.  He served as an objective outside voice to help me work through options and possible implications.  He was able to identify resources that spoke to my specific concern.  Bill has been a good addition to my life and a valuable addition to my ministry journey.

–Dr. Tom Ogburn, Westwood Baptist Church, Cary, NC

Bill Ireland is a class act…and your ministry will immediately be enriched by his involvement.  His analysis of my Advent sermons was highly valuable.  When you connect with Bill, you will benefit from his hands-on, practical guidance attained through a lifetime of experience as well as an intellectual depth rivaled by few others.  Bill remains ever informed about best practices in effective churches.  Most of all, however, you’ll discover that he is a ready friend and trustworthy mentor.  Reach out to him today!

–Dr. Larry Yarborough, Deermeadows Baptist Church, Jacksonville, FL

I am grateful to know Bill Ireland as a mentor, colleague and partner in ministry.  His enthusiasm to notice and call out creativity is a tremendous gift.  He is mindful of what pastors and their families experience because he’s been there.  He still blesses me with encouragement.

–Rev. Chip Reeves, Community Baptist Church, Milledgeville, GA

For the past 20 years I have been fortunate to know Bill Ireland as a staff colleague, a mentor, a friend, and a pastor.  When I was in the first months of my first pastorate out of seminary and facing a “dark night of the soul,” his was the number I called.  Years removed from that season, his is still a voice I listen to for wisdom, insight, and a gracious pastoral perspective.  His love for the work of the Church is surpassed only by his care for those who endeavor to lead that work.

–Dr. Stephen Cook, Second Baptist Church, Memphis, TN

I worked with Bill Ireland for 5 years.  He was instrumental in giving me the opportunity to serve as a full-time Minister to Children and Their Families.  He paved the way for me to pursue my MACM degree from the McAfee School of Theology while on staff.  I will be eternally grateful for his encouragement and belief in my call.

–Rev. Bridgette Poag, First Baptist Church, Dalton, GA

When I was a seminary student, I did my practicum at the church where Bill was pastor.  He was invested in my learning and growth and eagerly took me under his wing.  He plugged me into the life of the church, easing me into leadership roles and inviting me to join the staff in their work so as to get a well-rounded experience.  My experience there was so positive that I joined the church and became an active member after I graduated.  Even to this very day, Bill has reached out to me during a tough personal time despite not having been the pastor of my church in over a decade.  I truly consider him a foundational relationship in my pastoral development.

–Rev. Daniel Miles, Manager of Spiritual Care, Atrium Health University Hospital, Charlotte, NC

As a seminary student, I did my internship at the church Bill was serving as Senior Pastor.  My experience with him was transformative.  Literally!  When I began the internship, I had no intention of becoming a pastoral minister or even doing ministry in a church.  Yet, as my mentor, Bill encouraged me to explore my gifts.  He helped me grapple with theology and its practical application in the life of the church.  Although he had many other pastoral duties and staff to manage, I felt like he was committed to his mentoring role.  He allowed me the space to ask the hard questions of God and myself.  Bill did not try to answer them for me, but helped me discover the answers I needed.  His patience, sense of humor, and willingness to engage helped me discern my calling into what is now pastoral ministry.  Thanks, Bill!

–Rev. Elizabeth Parker Horton, First Reformed UCC, Lexington, NC

I was privileged to serve under the ministry of Dr. Ireland for almost six years as a ministerial staff member.  Week in and week out Bill challenged me and helped shape my ministry not only in meeting rooms but also from the pulpit.  Fifteen years later much of his influence can be seen in my ministry.  He is both an extraordinarily gifted pulpit speaker and a solid teacher; he also has the keen eye, ears, and heart of a shepherd.  He is worthy of someone looking for a mentor in ministry or someone just desiring to sharpen their skills.  Two thumbs up!!!

–Rev. John Hackworth, Robinhood Road Baptist Church, Winston-Salem, NC

I have known Bill Ireland for more than 35 years, and I’m glad our paths crossed.  Bill has a unique gift for affirming, blessing, and encouraging others–especially men and women of the cloth.  During a dark night in my soul, he checked on me several times to make sure I was taking care of myself.  Bill is also a gifted preacher and teacher of the gospel.  What a splendid brother and partner in ministry!

–Dr. Jimmy Gentry, Garden Lakes Baptist Church, Rome, GA

I experienced a great deal of emotional and vocational growth during the months of coaching I experienced with Bill Ireland.  I am now in a better position to address constructive areas of growth I want to engage in with other people.  I believe Bill will be an excellent coach for ministers.  He brings years of practical experience and a pastoral ear to his encounters.

Rev. Daniel Headrick, Northside Drive Baptist Church, Atlanta, GA

Working with Bill Ireland as my coach allowed me to come to my own conclusions about a variety of topics including transitioning to a new role, establishing boundaries with subordinates in personal and professional settings, and the mental and physical things I could do to relieve workplace stress.  I have realized tangible benefits from our coaching sessions that have improved both my personal and professional life. I can truly say he is more than ready to coach clients in a professional and personal way.

Stephen Karafa, Mercer University, Macon, GA

My time receiving coaching from Bill has been invaluable.  I leave every session with some new realization about myself or my work and with concrete steps I can take to improve myself or move my work or personal goals forward.

Bill’s approach to coaching is one that brings heart, mind, and spirit together, recognizing that we are most fully alive when we listen to the wisdom of our whole self.  He is also a great reader of energy, picking up on what body language and voice tone may be helping us to learn about what we should and shouldn’t lean into in our lives.

–Rev. John Carroll, First Baptist Church, Danville, VA


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