In the February 25, 2014 edition of Forbes magazine, Rob Ashgar ranked the “9 Toughest Leadership Roles.” In his opinion, these roles “required the greatest skill and imposed the greatest burden.”  The fifth toughest role on his list?  Being the leader of a congregation!  According to Ashgar, being a pastor is tougher than serving in Congress or working as a Corporate CEO.  I think he’s got it exactly right.  As one of my colleagues put it years ago, being a pastor is”an impossible job.”  Holding a congregation together and keeping it on mission in today’s fractured culture is extraordinarily difficult.  The demands are enormous, and the work is incredibly stressful.

That’s why pastors need help.  Every pastor needs a pastor.  Every pastor needs someone who will listen thoughtfully, respond graciously, and offer timely help.  Every pastor needs a helping hand.  That’s why I’m here.  If you’re a pastor or serve in any sort of congregational leadership role, I want to help you do your best.  I want to be your pastor.

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